Chasin' Pigeons, urban design opportunities.

Public space is a fascinating domain. Belonging simultaneously to everybody and nobody, we all make use of it, but none of us can claim ownership. It’s a territory with indistinct, dynamic boundaries where we experience unexpected encounters & confrontations, as it brings people together who would not necessarily interact. Despite the constraints which accompany such a varying environment, it also provides a platform with ample opportunities for diverse activities and ways to express oneself. I am intrigued to see how people create identity, not only in their appearance, but through their actions and the everlasting urge to personalize public space. People leave more traces than they are aware of, creating urban patterns: the city as a visual system in which we all play a part. Exploring this sphere on a visual as well as on a social level is a great base of inspiration for me.

-Fré Sonneveld



Chasin' Pigeons, the name.

Chasin' Pigeons as the ultimate urban situation of exploring interaction and the ambiguity of relations. The city and pigeons, what is one without the other. Like New York and her squirrels, Dutch cities are inhabited by pigeons. On one hand they are the ultimate icon of the urban landscape on the other they are a plague.

Near the metro station at my house a little girl with two pig-tales and a pink coat was chasing pigeons. Each time she ran enthusiastically toward the birds, they flew over her head only to land a couple of meters behind her on the grey pavement again. On which the girl, with a big grin on her face and sparkling eyes, turned around and went after them again. Chasing pigeons hoping to never really catch one, while the fun is in the chase.

Just like the design process which never really ends, while their is no ultimate design solution, you can only chase it.




Happy to work with a wide variety of clients, among:

TOA Berlin



Curriculum Vitae


1997 :: 2003 VWO, Montessori Lyceum Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2003 :: 2007 Bachelor of Science (BSc), Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Industrial Design, the Netherlands.
projects for DAF, Phillips, Sony Ericsson, IBM and the city of Rotterdam.

2006 :: 2007 Exchange Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Halle (Saale), Germany.

2007 :: 2009 Master of Design (MDes) Post St. Joost Masters Breda, Graphic Design, the Netherlands.



2002 Art lyceum, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2007 Nanjing University of Technology, Lion Bridge, China.

2008 Escuela de Arte Número Diez Madrid, Ortega Y Gasset, Spain.


2009::2010 Junior Designer at Studio Bauman BNO, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Clients: Robeco Zomerconcerten, Rotterdam Philharmonisch, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdams Havenbedrijf,
Vereniging Hendrick de Keyzer en Groeneweg tuinaanleg.

2010::now chasin' pigeons design studio, Berlin, Germany.
Clients: CareerFoundry, Yunus Social Business (UNDP), Emergence (Convergence), Point Blank International, Tech Open Air Berlin, Pixoona (redpeppix gmbh), Michelle Teran, Digitalime (Startup Bootcamp), UFO Sound Studios, Knoxlabs, BeMyApp (Edenred), Reboot.fm, Newstweek, Centrale Surréaliste, La Troupe theathergroup, Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegeheid Rotterdam.