urban playground
Urban Playground, is a mobile interactive hang-out spot for the youth from 12 to 16. A group focussed on see and be seen, is activated through an interactive dance application that is connected to another Urban Playground, facilitating social meetings and provides creative activity. It is based on a request of the borough administration Feijenoord, city of Rotterdam. The district is dynamic resulting in many temporary deconstruction areas. It is also a young multi-ethnical neighborhood where the streets serve as a social area for people to meet, especially the youth spends a large amount of their time on the street. This causes nuisance for other inhabitants.

In the project these two issues are brought together in one concept: a mobile installation which stimulates social contact, activates and creates awareness. A container sized installation that can occupy urban grounds in between demolition and construction. The installation exists of two mobile container sized objects that are placed on deserted building areas across town. The installation translates the movement in the area in music. It also gives the opportunity to communicate by overlay of live feedback of both playgrounds. The more movement the clearer the footage of the playground becomes. In other words the more effort the larger the audience. This augmented reality application facilitates for an explorative interaction. The more heat in the battle, the sharper the connection and the more sound the installation will produce.

Project coach: Bert Lonsain.

:: cultural research :: interaction design :: prodcut :: industrial design :: city of rotterdam :: youth :: building :: urban :: streets

Existing 'hang-out' places in the neighborhood.

The numbers.


Object sketches.

Object architecture.

Urban Playground.