wall tattoo
This tattoo theme based mural was captured and posted as a stop-motion movie on YouTube. Here it became part of a project by Michelle Teran, named The City is Creative. In this project she searched for creative YouTube posts situated in the city of Eindhoven, which fromed the input for her exhibition on the Flux-S festival.

To read more about her project and the festival please visit:


Or the theme channel on YouTube

///TheCityisCreative ///

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Stop-motion movie: painting of wall tattoo.

Detail of labour.


michelle teran

Flux-S Eindhoven.

michelle teran

Detail of laybor.

michelle teran

YouTube Channel: The City is Creative.

Stop-motion movie: making of googlemaps mural.

michelle teran

Opening Flux-S festival. Photo by Niels Molenaar.

michelle teran

Michelle Teran. Photo by Niels Molenaar.